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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Amazingly Youthful at age 70plus Part 1

In doing my usual reading on healthy living I came across two amazing women. They are looking smazingly unlike their age. At 70plus years of age they don't look anything like their age. They don't act anything like their age. They are so youthful in their appearance and lifestyle. As I was inspired by their healthy lifestyles I pray you will be too. Let their healthy habits spur you on to better health.

The first woman is Annette Larkins. When I first came across her I was blown away.  I would love to look and be as youthful as she is when I'm her age.

She has a book called Journey To Health that shares the methods she has used to get and maintain her youthfulness.  She also has a DVD called Annette's Raw Kitchen.

Watch this video where Annette was featured on WTPV news.

Hope you enjoyed the video.  Pick up Annette's Journey To Health book and begin your journey to health and the fountain of youth.  In Part 2 I will share who the other amazing woman is.

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