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Friday, August 17, 2012

I Need Your Help To Choose The Best Shot

I have two dishes that I did recently and I have narrowed down the pictures of them to two each.  Could you help me choose which is the best shot of each of the dishes?  Thanks so much in advance.

Here they are:

Beet rice #1
Beet Rice #1
Beet rice #2
Beet Rice #2

Carrot & Cabbage Saute #1
Carrot and Cabbage Saute #1
Carrot & Cabbage Saute #2
Carrot and Cabbage Saute #2
Thanks again.

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  1. Hi!  I chose Beet rice #1 (which I love) and sauted carrot and cabbage #2.

  2.  I like beet shot #1 & carrot shot #2 :-)

  3. Jenn, Beet Rice #2 seems to highlight the meal more than the glass that's close to it.  It also makes me hungry.  Carrot and Cabbage Saute #2 shows more detail of the meal.  Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

  4. Beet shot #1 and carrot Sautee #2... I chose those two because of plating ... you could also crop out the glass in the beet for a better presentation

  5. I like carrot and sauté #2 looks yummy!


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