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Monday, October 8, 2012

Favorite Appliances - Rice Cooker

Back in June I wrote about one of my favorite appliances. Today I'm sharing another one of them. Can you guess what it is?

Growing up here in Dominica just about every woman knew how to cook rice and not let it burn. I mean you would have your occasional burns but not very often.  My mom did a wonderful job of teaching me the art of the kitchen. Unfortunately because of my lack of interest at the time I did not master the art of cooking rice without it burning. 

Fast forward to me being an adult, moved as a single to Portsmouth, got married and moved to New Orleans, had our two sons there, then moved to St. Thomas and then a few years later moved back home to Dominica. It was only then that I mastered the art of cooking rice without burning.  Can you imagine?! Go ahead and laugh, it's alright.

Are you wondering how I mastered that art finally?  Enter - THE RICE COOKER. Yep, the year was 2008 and one of the department stores in Dominica(Astaphans) had a Mother's Day giveaway and I won a rice cooker. Since then it is one of my favorite appliances.

Besides being able to cook rice without it burning I love the fact that I don't have to monitor it. Just put the rice, water, salt and whatever I want in, turn it on and it turns off when the rice is cooked with a loud beep.  Now y'all know how I love it simple with all these simple recipes I share. The rice cooker couldn't get any simpler than that.

I thought to myself that there might be more people like me out there but even if I'm the only one who couldn't cook rice without burning maybe someone is looking to replace their rice cooker or give one as a gift to someone getting married or moving out on their own or going to college. I wrote an article on Rice Cookers Under $25 With Free Shipping. Check it out and bless someone with a rice cooker and by purchasing through my link I get a commission.

I love the red one and the blue and white one.  There's a pink one and a Hello Kitty one. Oh just check it out. Smile.  Go ahead chuckle some more at my expense. Take care y'all.

Here are some rice cooker recipes you could try or recommend that the recipient of your gift (hint) try with the new rice cooker. Click the images to get the recipes.

Beet Rice
Spinach Rice
Yellow Vegetable Rice
Beet Rice Spinach Rice Yellow Vegetable Rice

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