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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lunch Ideas

Here is Lunch Showcase #1. These are some of the lunches we've had. As I mentioned in the 30 Day Nature Isle Recipe Marathon Wrap Up, these meals are to help trigger ideas as to how you can add more vegetables into your lunch or dinner meal. Some of the pictures are not recent so the picture quality is not as good as others. In cases where the recipe is available I've linked the caption below the picture to the recipe so you can click it to get the recipe. Enjoy!

Ground Provisions with Pumpkin and Spinach in Coconut Milk

Lentils served over plain rice with green banana, avocado, tomato and carrot

Breadfruit with Cucumbers in Coconut Milk

Macaroni salad with avocado and raw ripe plantain

Carrot rice with pumpkin mash, ground provisions and carrot & cabbage slaw

Potato Salad, Black Beans, Sliced Cucumbers and Grated Carrot

Spaghetti, Corn, Green Bean & Spinach Dish with Lentils

Hope you enjoyed this first glimpse into our lunch table. Go ahead and share in the comments some of the vegetarian type of meals you have had.

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