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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Generous wife tip

More ways to make our husbands feel special.

Here's Lori,

Here's a fun tip from a generous wife. (thanks, Brittney!)

Last night my husband and I sat down for dinner and out of nowhere I asked him to use the letters of my name to describe me (for example, B - beautiful, R - remarkable, etc.). It was fun.

My thoughts: this idea lends itself to a number of fun ways to bless your husband. You can do likewise for his name (use the letters of his name as an acrostic), create a crossword puzzle or wordsearch with the words, write a love letter with the words, etc. Basically you want to use a little word play to tell your husband how special he is to you.

Think generous! Lori

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  1. Great Blog; I'm new to your site. Will visit often!


  2. Hi Mommy Saves ALOT!!!
    I like that user name. Welcome to my world. Thanks for visiting. I would love to see more of you around here.


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