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Friday, November 23, 2012

Become A Vegetarian - Step 4 (7Steps) - Video

This is step four in the video series 7 Steps To Become A Vegetarian.  Enjoy!

If you are unable to view this video click here - Step 4 To Become A Vegetarian - to go directly to the video page.

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  1. Great tip Jenn (and hubby!). I think one good way to start recipe wise is pick one of your favorite recipes and then try to substitute for instance hamburger meat with crumbles or whatever. Always ask online too about what substitutes are good. Some are horrid. Some are fantastic!

  2. I totally skipped this step, as menu planning wasn't on my radar when I was an omnivore, so I thought I could get away with the same thing as a vegetarian.

    I couldn't. It took a few months of failing and having to take the very medication that I was trying to avoid, to get me to finally create a menu plan.

    I have to remember how important this step is as start the quest to become vegan.

  3. Excellent idea Tiffany. Thanks for sharing that.

  4. Sometimes we end up learning through difficult situations. I hope your comment and this vlog will keep someone from learning the difficult way. I love hearing about your experiences with the vegetarian lifestyle MInna.


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