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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thank You!

Today the US celebrates Thanksgiving. Our sons were born in New Orleans and each year I've been meaning to do something to celebrate Thanksgiving with them, hasn't worked out so far. Maybe next year.

I would however like to take this opportunity to give thanks to God for all of you who are part of this Fruitful Vine community, new and not so new.  THANK YOU LORD!!!!!!!

To those of you who have commented on the blog, responded on Twitter, liked posts on Facebook, sent me emails and encouraging words, bought my ebooks, a great big THANK YOU.  To all of you who keep me going when I think I may not be helping anyone because of no comments or shares or things like that, thank you.

May this day and every day be one where you give thanks for something no matter how small it may seem.  Take care and to my US friends,  



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For God's Glory!

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