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Thursday, October 23, 2008

100+ things to do in Dominica - #8

60. Walk through the interior
At Grand Fond, inland from Rosalie, you can hike overland to Freshwater Lake near Laudat on this well maintained trail in about three hours. You might like to arrange for a vehicle to pick you up, if you're content with one way!

61. Experience ecological awareness
At the 3 Rivers Eco Lodge near Rosalie, spend a night or more in pristine natural surroundings near the junction of three rivers! This facility is environmentally friendly in all respects - from composting to solar energy to organic gardening. You can even sleep in a tent, if that is your preference.

62. Turtle watch
Turtles lay their eggs on beaches along this coast because of the deep waters that suddenly become shallow and have few obstacles. Visitors include Green Turtles, Giant Leatherbacks and Hawksbills, which are all endangered species. Turtle watches usually take place after sunset and into the night.

63. View magnificent falls in the Southeast
It's a scenic drive throughout the southeast. The breaktaking falls of Sari-Sari near La Plaine and Victoria near La Roche are hikes of shorter duration. The Boli Falls from La Plaine are more remote. Beware of slippery rocks. Be prepared to get wet!
Sari Sari Falls
Boli Falls
64. Glide down the Glasse Trail
Opposite the church in Boetica, is the trailhead to this groomed track. It's a half hour hike down to the mighty Atlantic. Watch the turbulent waves disappear underneath a rocky outcrop and resurge moments later. Take your binoculars and watch the Frigate Birds on L'llet, a short distance to the south. Allow a little more time for the hike back up the steep slope.

65. Inhale the scent of bay leaves
Around Delices, Petite Savanne and Fond St. Jean, bay oil is distilled for use in natural medicines, cosmetics and for exporting. Dominica is one of the world's largest expporters of bay oil. It is usually harvested and put into stills twice a year, so there is a good chance wyou will observe the stills and smell its harvesting and production processes. Ask a villager about the numerous beneficial uses of Bay Rum.

NOTE FROM JENNIFER: Contrary to its name it is not rum for drinking. We use bay rum at our house as a refreshing toner when there is a high temperature. It can also be used as an aftershave.
66. Enjoy panoramas along the South Shore
This road between Delices and Petite Savanne is steep, winding and very narrow. Proceed with caution, taking special care when wet. Whenever possible, pull over, stop and admire the breathtaking views. Take in the panorama out to sea. Just below the highest point atop Morne Paix Bouche on the Delices side, look towards the northwesterly interior for steam rising from the Boiling Lake area and also see nearby Victoria Falls in its entire splendor.

67. Try the Tete Morne to Soufriere track
The track from the village of Tete Morne near Grandbay offers stunning views of Soufriere below and out to the sea. You can then walk down to the Soufriere area and back up if you dare. Allow an hour or so just to reach the Sulphur Springs. Although not especially difficult, don't forget about the return!

68. Visit a natural soap factory
When passing through Grand Bay, stop at The Coal Pot soap factory, which is a young people's cooperative. See how this cleansing product is made with all natural ingredients - from peppermint to orange to sulphur, along with other plants and flowers that grow in Dominica. It's also available in various shops on the island.
69. Experience the scenic southeast on foot
Intrepid hikers can try lengthy 5-mile Perdu Temps Trail from Pichelin to Delices and see waterfalls along the way. It's best attempted with a guide when the weather is fine. Allow about 4 hours for one way. As it is a rather difficult and steep track, you could arrange for a vehicle to pick you up on the other side!


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