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Monday, August 10, 2009

Vacation Bible School starts today

Today our Vacation Bible School(VBS) begins. We are ministering to kids from ages 4 - 15 yrs. Last year was my first time being a part of VBS. I had never attended one before or been part of one. I enjoyed it immensely. I was teaching the 10-12yr olds along with our Youth President and one of the Senior Pastor's sons.

This year it's the same age group and same time frame - one week. I'm looking forward to it. Please pray for the children and the teachers, the assistants and all involved. Our theme is Polar Extreme - All of Me, All Out for God.

Pray that the Lord would touch their hearts and draw those who are already born of the Spirit closer to him. Pray that those who are not yet born of the Spirit would make that decision during this week. Pray that the hearts of the children would be receptive. Pray that the parents would be ministered to as the children go home and tell of what they've learned and what they've done. Pray, pray, pray. There are so many aspects of this ministry that you can pray about. Please do pray as the Spirit of God leads you.

Thanks so much in advance my dear friends.

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