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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Trade Show Booths

I've been comtemplating doing something here on the island and there are a number of thoughts percolating in my brain right now. This is not the usual type of post(again) but thought I'd share some information that triggered some additional ideas.

I have heard about trade shows but have not been to many of them. Trade show booths are the mainstay of trade shows. Exhibitors use them to showcase products, services and ideas. Depending on the theme of the trade show I could just imagine myself going to all the different trade show booths looking at the various offerings. I can imagine that it could be tiring if you're like me and want to see and know everything and if it's a large one.

With the ideas going through my mind (my husband says that I have a very active imagination) LOL! I can imagine the colors of the table skirts. Table skirts are used for special events including trade shows. They attach around the perimeter of a table using special clips or just Velcro. They can be printed on to add a logo if needed and come in a variety of colors.

I can see in my mind's eye the different kinds of banner stands - scrolling ones, digital ones, retractable ones. Banner stands are very useful advertising tools that can be set up anywhere. There are L shaped styles and indoor / outdoor models that can be used as well.

Pipe and drape is used as booth dividers for trade show displays. Many other organizations use them as privacy walls and crowd control. I can envision them covering the booths until it is time to do the grand unveiling of what's in there.

What I'm thinking of would be a huge undertaking and most likely not for now but I can dream right? I know I've not said what exactly it is I'm thinking of but I think it's a bit premature since I'm in the dreaming stage. I might share when it gets closer to the God-ordained time if indeed it is God's will for this dream to come true.

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  1. Thanks for shown your interest on trade show you chosen topic is very good...


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