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Monday, January 24, 2011

Spotlight on Health - Kristen's Raw

Every week Our Fruitful Vine brings to you a healthy living blog/site to help you on your journey to optimal health. Today the spotlight shines on Kristen Suzanne of Kristen's Raw.

Read her bio taken from her site -
Kristen Suzanne was a competitive natural bodybuilder in her early 20's and has been 100% vegan since 2002. At that time, she was approximately 50% Raw, with her cooked foods comprising mostly tofu, vegetables, and pasta. In 2005, Kristen migrated to being 75% Raw. Since 2006, she has been 95% Raw. In Raw Foodism parlance, this equates to somebody eating almost only Raw meals AND/OR attempting to always eat Raw meals that may contain very small amounts of an ingredient that isn't Raw (spices are a common example, as it's not always easy to ascertain how a spice was dried or prepared).

According to her about page,
Kristen's Raw was launched in January of 2007 to provide information, products, services, advice, and recommendations that make it easy for anybody to adopt the raw, vegan lifestyle.

There are many useful pages for those who are considering moving toward eating a higher degree of raw foods. Start with the How To Get Started section then you can move on to the Raw Foods FAQ.  From there you can browse around and get more questions answered.

Kristen has a whole line of recipe books to help in getting anyone started or for someone already eating high raw looking for ideas and recipes.  For those getting started she has the Easy Raw Vegan Transition Recipes.

Or The EASY Way to Get Started & SUCCEED with Raw Food

Then there's the EASY Raw Vegan Entrees

and EASY Raw Vegan Soups and much more.

She also has a special discount of over 40% on the package of 11 e-books.  Awesome!  When you visit her site and click on the recipes link you will see pictures of some of the recipes and more details on the books.  Her blog also features her food journal, reviews and other bits of information.  So get going and discover more for yourself at Kristen's Raw.

Next week another blogger with a healthy living site/blog. Take care.

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