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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Favorite Appliances - Juicer

I kept reading about the benefits of juicing and the potency of vitamins and minerals you get when you juice. I’ve seen TV infomercials touting the benefits of this juicer and that juicer. I’ve seen you tube videos discussing juicing but never made it a priority on my expense list. I put it on my wish list and left it there. Well, my darling hubby bought a juicer last year and since then I’ve enjoyed this appliance.

My first experience with this juicer occurred when I had not read or seen all the benefits of juicing. Friends of ours had one and the husband started telling us how good it was and juiced some fruits for us to taste. At that time with my non existent knowledge of juicing and my taste buds still used to lots of processed foods I was not impressed. I also felt that it was too much work to take apart and clean.

Fast forward to 2011. My dear hubby bought us a Jack LaLanne Juicer and it was a totally different experience. Same juicer like our friends owned, but with my much improved taste buds and love for healthy life giving eating and drinking I’m enjoying this juicer. I wonder why I thought it was a hassle to take apart and clean. It is so easy. Another thing I like is that I don’t have to chop the fruits or vegetable into piecies, just wash and insert. I’m not averse to hard work if I have to do it but I like simple and easy.

The Jack La Lanne juicer gets my thumbs up for sure.

Do you have a favorite appliance? What is it?

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  1. Juicer is one of my favorite kitchen appliances too. I bought mine in online home appliance shop in UK 2 years ago and until now it is function at its best.

  2. Juicer is consider as a most useful home appliances. It is very helpful to make easy juice which you want. It have many feature who helps you in the kitchen. 

  3. I got a juicer for my mom from a kitchen appliances website. And she loves the juicer more than she loves her dog, which is really saying something.

  4. LOL. Now that's an interesting statement. Glad your mom loved the juicer so much. It is a good appliance to have and use.


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