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Monday, November 30, 2009

7 Helpful Food Storage Tips

Building our food storage helps us attain greater peace of mind when thinking of the future.  Here are some excellent tips to help along the way.

1. Another key element in being prepared is that of having less stuff to move around or look after. Here’s a tip from to help you feel freer and more prepared for any eventuality.  Get rid of 7 things each day. Get rid of paper you no longer need, email you're done reading, plastic containers that have been gathering dust, and basically anything else that isn't of any use to you. If you get rid of 7 things each day for the entire year, you will have lightened your load by 2,555 items by this time next year!

2. In storing your food items you would need to include the seasonings that you use as well. Many of us like spice(cinnamon sticks), bay leaf and the like. Remember to include these and other items like seasoning salt, curry, vanilla essence etc. Depending on your usage of these items you might only need to buy one extra of it but you definitely don’t want to forget those items that make the food taste good.

3. You can store foods that are naturally convenient like mixes that are just-add-water, or require little preparation time. If your extra cylinder of gas finishes or for those with electric stoves, there’s no electricity then you can still eat because in your food supply there are items that can be eaten without the need for cooking them. Items of that nature are things like sardines, tuna, crackers, boxed cereal etc. If you regularly use these items already then there’s nothing extra to do, you’ll have it on hand. But for those persons who don’t eat these items on a regular basis at least have a three day supply of these foods on hand and make sure you rotate them into your eating maybe every three months or so, so that you get used to it and it doesn’t go to waste.

4. For the bread makers among us, those aspiring to be or just beginning, here’s some info from about the durability of yeast as we build our storage:

How much dry yeast is in 1/4 ounce envelope?
About 2 1/4 teaspoons.

How should I store yeast?
Store unopened yeast in a cool, dry place, such as a pantry (or refrigerator). Exposure to oxygen, heat or humidity decreases the activity of the yeast. After opening, store in an airtight container in the back of the refrigerator, away from drafts. Use within 3 to 4 months; freezing not recommended.

Can I use expired yeast in my recipe?
For best results, buy and use yeast before the expiration date. Yeast loses its potency as it ages, resulting in longer rising times. Proof yeast to determine whether it is still active.

How do I proof yeast to test for activity?
To proof yeast, add 1 teaspoon sugar to 1/4 cup warm water (100° to 110°F). Stir in 1 envelope yeast (2 1/4 teaspoons); let stand 10 minutes. If the yeast foams to the 1/2 cup mark, it is active and you may use it in your recipe.

5. You need to note the expiration dates of the items you are taking inventory of so that you can make sure you are using up your food in a timely manner. Rotating your stock should take care of that but this is like having back up.

6. When you get home after you've done your shopping compare the expiration dates of what you've just purchased with what you have in your cupboards. Put the ones you've just purchased towards the back of your cupboard if the expiration date is further away than the ones in your cupboard and move the items with the closer expiration date to the front for you to use.  Do this every time you shop and you won't have items expiring on you and money going to waste. This is one of the reasons we are to store what we eat instead of a bunch of stuff we don't eat.

7. When items go on sale stock up as much as your budget can afford towards your goal. You save money in the process.


  1. those are excellent tips. I really like the ideas of getting rid of 7 things a day. I tend to keep things I don't need and then stuff piles up. when I need to find things their lost in the piles.

    Oh wow you have your own domain! Congrats!

  2. I definitely need to follow the suggestion of getting rid of 7 things a day!

  3. Expiration dates, I've found, are in place for large corporations to cover their rear ends, as well as manufacturers to sell more product. Food isn't always bad by the prescribed expiration date. More on that here:

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