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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Does Juicing Decrease Nutritional Value? Video - Ask Jenn

Hi everyone,
Welcome to another edition of Ask Jenn. You ask any question on vegetarian eating, health, nutrition and I answer in a video on Wednesdays. Today's question comes from Bonnie. Enjoy!

If you are unable to view this video, click here - Does Juicing Decrease Nutritional Value? to go directly to the video page.

If you have a question on vegetarian eating that you would like me to answer then fill in this short form to submit your question. I'll answer in an Ask Jenn video on Wednesdays.

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  1. Jenn,

    Oh thank you!

    It was a wonderful pleasure to come here and find this video that answered my question regarding nutritional value!

    I will use a juicer to keep the nutritional value in tact for the vegetables and fruits I digest. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question!

    Bonnie recently posted:Squidoo Quick Commission Guide Review, Part 3

  2. You're very welcome Bonnie. Feel free to ask any more questions you may have.

  3. Hi Jennifer. Nutritional value is lost when juicing because the fiber is removed. Fiber is a nutirent. Some fiber is soluble which is absorbed by the body and some fiber is not soluble which helps to remove waste from the intestines. Also some of the other nutrients are lost with the fiber, though most of the other nutrients are extracted during the juicing process.
    Nothing is lost during the blending process. Adding water just increases the area all of the nutrients are placed in.
    Ex., If you have 1/4 cup of veggies and add 1 cup of water, you still have all of the 1/4 of veggies. It is like eating the 1/4 cup of veggies and then drinking 1 cup of water to chase it down.
    For juicing, you start with 1/4 of veggies, juice it and then end up with 1/8 cup of juice. You just lost 1/8 cup of the vital nutrient fiber and some of the vitamins and minerals that were trapped in fiber.
    I always blend. Juicing once in a while is OK for a nutrient rush, but the blending process keeps the fiber, which regulates nutrient (sugar) absorption.


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