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Thursday, January 22, 2009

A 40 Day Journey

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From January 3 my hubby and I embarked upon a fasting journey. Not a physical fast, a different kind of fast. We are on a 40 day fast from the 7 deadly sins. 7 Deadly sins? you may ask. Yes, from time immemorial all forms of religious organizations have looked at these 7 areas as the ones that we have the most difficulty in as we walk the path to holiness.

This journey is a 40 day journey that has implications reaching down through our generations leaving a godly legacy. This journey has been a breeze for me at times and a challenge for me at other times. I found myself having to start over again yesterday because I have been choosing not to do my scripture and prayer time because I was online late and ended up being too tired for it.

Now what is all this mystery about you may wonder. What is Jenn talking about? I am talking about a program called the 40 day miracle which can be found at

This program requires a commitment in several areas. Let me share with you parts of it. You can go to to get the details. There are sermon audios as well which explain the scriptural and practical basis for the program and serves as encouragement as we follow the program. Here’s a brief snapshot of the some of the commitments:

1. I will compliment someone each day and will say nothing negative about anyone.

2. I will stop eating before I am full.

3. If I have a problem in this area, I will stop flirting, having affairs, committing fornication, looking at pornography, or communicating with a person who is not my spouse or who is an ex.

4. I will not curse, complain or raise my voice in anger. I will not complain about anything!

5. I will give someone something material each day. The size does not matter.

6. I will pray and read scripture for my age in minutes daily.

It is a wonderful program. My already wonderful life has been much improved since I’ve been doing it. Never mind me having to start over, it’s already been making its impact on me. Check it out at and try it yourself. If you decide to do the program, I would love if you would come back here and leave a comment to let me know.


  1. Hello, I am taking a moment to catch up. I like your list and feel inspired to add a new commitment. I have just found a nice site called Random Acts of Kindness. I see lots of people have great ways to make the world a better place. I will follow your lead and commit myself to compliment and someone each day and also cut out my negative speech. I have been trying to cut down on negative speech, so this is a second step.

  2. Thanks for the info. I do NOT drink enough water ever. I actually had complications in my last pregnancy bc of it and my baby had to be induced bc there was not enough fluid in his sack because of my low water consumption.... I will go drink NOW and try and drink 1/2 my weight in oz everyday. Thanks!


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